Dress Code

Dress Code 

Students shall dress and be groomed in a clean, neat and modest manner so as not to distract or interfere with the educational process or cause a safety hazard. Students are encouraged to adhere to the provisions of this code during school hours (whether on or off campus) and while in attendance at school sponsored events.

Violations may result in the following consequences:

First Violation: The student will receive a written warning and the violation must be corrected.

Second Violation: Parent will be called, violation must be corrected, and a detention will be assigned.

Third Violation: Student will be suspended until parent conference.


The principal's judgment shall prevail in all matters regarding the application of these rules.


All Students K-12

1. The following shall not be worn at school or school-sponsored events during school hours.

  • Clothing or accessories that denote affiliation with any gang associated with criminal activity, or a safety hazard or security risk
  • Ill-fitting clothing such as saggy/baggy pants or oversized coats, sweaters, sweatshirts, etc.
  • Spandex clothing or pajama type clothing
  • Clothing with holes, ragged edges, or with patches of different colors or fabric
  • Clothing/tattoos with suggestive or inappropriate slogans, vulgar captions, or advertisements for tobacco, alcohol or drug products
  • Caps, hats or headscarves, for boys or girls, will not be worn inside buildings
  • Form-fitting or body-fitting clothes
  • Clothing with revealing neckline
  • Extreme hair color or style, makeup and/or nail color


2. The following rules shall be enforced for all students:

  • Any color or style of shoes, with the exception of "heely" or bedroom slipper type shoes, may be worn to school.
  • Leggings will be worn only with approved length dresses and skirts.
  • Shorts/skirts/dresses will be no higher than four (4) inches from the middle of the knee
  • Slits in skirts/dresses will be no higher than four (4) inches from the middle of the knee
  • Pant legs must not drag flagrantly on the floor
  • No tinted glasses/sunglasses are permitted unless prescribed by a doctor
  • No body piercing jewelry, including spacers, except for earrings in the ear for boys and girls
  • Large heavy jewelry chains, and any jewelry that could be deemed dangerous, will not be permitted
  • Valuable clothing and jewelry are discouraged
  • Shirt and blouse length may not be longer than the bottom of the fingertips while standing and may not be so short that students raising their elbows to the height of his or her shoulder exposes midriff
  • Tops, blouses and shirts must fit and must cover the shoulder so as not to reveal the torso or undergarments
  • All trench/duster style coats that fall below the knee are prohibited
  • Cargo pants are permitted
  • Bib overalls may be worn as long as galluses and side closures are fastened    

1. Special dress days may be designated by the principal to include but not limited to, the following examples: field days; picture days; school spirit days, etc.

2. If a student cannot comply with the standardized dress code because of religious beliefs or physical characteristics, the parent/guardian must provide a written explanation to the principal for possible relief from certain aspects of this dress code.