At Home Learning Packets

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Cumberland County Schools has released a set of continuing learning packets for students. They can be found using this link:

District Packets for K-8

At Homestead, we have previewed the packets, and in order to provide resources from all areas of curricula, we have added some suggested additions: 

Homestead Grade Level Packet Additions

Remember, none of this is required. However, we encourage you to keep your children engaged and learning. We want you to also spend time as a family and explore. You'll notice that many of these resources are explorative and exciting. As a general rule, we are suggesting the following learning times each day. We do not want students and/or families to be stressed by this work, but to enjoy the time together!

  • PreK: 30 minutes daily
  • K-1: 45 minutes daily
  • 2-3: 60  minutes daily
  • 4-5: 90  minutes daily
  • 6-12:  30 minutes per content area (not to exceed 2.5 hours)  

Please use your teacher's office hours to ask questions about the content and get support on the learning. 


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