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Welcome to the Homestead Elementary Library/Media Center Home Page


The Homestead Elementary Librarian:  Mrs. Gretchen S. Thurman.

Our H.E.S. Library Assistant: Ms. Terry Keagle. 

We, at Homestead Elementary, take responsibility to be good citizens and to become life-long learners.  We also have a library goal of creating lifelong readers!

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   Accelerated Reading            
   Arts and Recreation            
   Dictionaries and Thesauruses            
   Homestead Elementary            
   Parent Resources            
   Radio and Television            
  • CNN News                
   Reference Tools            
  • Bio4Kids                
   Research and Writing Skills            
   Search Engines for Students            
  • Google                
  • Kidspace                
  • Yahoo                
   Teacher Resources            
  • abcTeach                
  • IXL Math                
   Websites for Students            
  • Nick Jr.                
  • PBS Kids                
  • Starfall