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  Mission Statement  

We, at Homestead Elementary, take responsibility to be good citizens and to become lifelong learners.

  About The School  

Vision Statement - Why We Exist

Our school vision statement:

Through a safe and welcoming environment, Homestead Elementary School will focus on helping each individual reach their full potential by developing a passion to persevere in learning which results in a drive to serve our every changing community through positive actions and relationships.

Our school pledge:

We will prepare for serving our changing community by exhibiting the core values of good character:

Honesty,  Kindness,  Compassion,  Perseverance,  Service,  Hard Work,  Respect

Beliefs - What We Stand For

A committed and involved staff is essential to learning. Instruction must show purpose and relate to real life experiences. The learning environment must be safe and conductive to learning. Community and parental support are essential for a good learning environment. Communication between parents, staff, community, and students empowers the learning environment to be effective. Clear goals and high expectations must be established for students and staff, and these must be conveyed to the community.


The Homestead School was built in the late 1930's as part of the Works Progress Administration program. This program was part of the Roosevelt Administration's idea to stimulate the economy by providing work and homes for displaced miners and farmers. The school was originally set up to accommodate grades 1-12. In 1963, high schools throughout the county were consolidated, leaving grades 1-8. Today the school consists of pre-kindergarten thru eighth grades.
To learn more about our school, watch this video.
To see our school, watch this video.

Federal Programs

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